The purpose of this book is to tell a series of short stories about the gifts Mr. Hannah left for us more than 110 years ago in a then and now format. In some cases elements have remained relatively unchanged and the gift is able to be recognized as having been given by Mr. Hannah. In others, the original gift has been replaced by modern structures or the gift remains but is not readily identifiable with Mr. Hannah. Here, we will paint several succinct pictures, using text and photos to illuminate where his fingerprints remain for everyone to discover and cherish.

The discerning reader will note that this document appears to be two books in one, and he/she would be right. The first book covers the multitude of gifts Mr. Hannah provided to the community, where they are, and how they can be recognized and appreciated by the observer. The second is an intimate tour of, arguably, his most important gift, the lavish, ostentatious, and magnificent mansion on Sixth Street including some arcane details that are rarely ever seen. The reason so much attention is given to this one building is that residents and tourists, alike, demonstrate more interest in his home than in any of his other gifts. This magnificent home is the most readily identifiable visual memento of Mr. and Mrs. Hannah's storybook lives in Traverse City due of its sheer size, exquisite design, and rare Victorian authenticity. Enjoy.

Perry Hannah