Without the following Pioneer Business and Legacy Sponsors, this book would not be possible. Their monetary contributions paid for its publication so that all of the proceeds from book sales could be used to fund the statue of Perry Hannah in Hannah Park.

Pioneer Business Sponsors are those that represent the first business of its kind to be established in Traverse City. Traverse City State Bank, now Fifth Third Bank, was the city's first bank; Weaver Funeral Home, now Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home, was the City's first funeral home; and WTCM Broadcasting Company was its first radio station. All three continue to operate in Traverse City, two of them in structures that were built by Mr. Hannah. Each made a significant monetary contribution because they believe it is important to tell Mr. Hannah's story.

Our sole Legacy Sponsor is Ray Minervini, President Managing Member of The Minervini Group, redeveloper of the Traverse City State Hospital, now known as The Village at Grand Traverse Commons. This massive historic preservation project assures that Perry Hannah's legacy will be solidified for at least another century with Mr. Minervini as his advocate.

WTCM Broadcasting Company - Ross Biederman, President
Perry Hannah left the Traverse City community many gifts. They are displayed on the pages of this book. But there is no display or picture of his greatest gift; his legacy of leadership that was passed on to many Traverse Citians.

Fifth Third Bank - George B. Bailey III, President
Perry Hannah understood entrepreneurialism and the importance of commerce to grow a community. In addition to being Traverse City's father of banking, Perry was also a small business owner as founder of the first general store. His legacy tells the story of how small businesses, hard work and trusted banking practices lead to community growth and prosperity. Generations later Traverse City State Bank is Fifth Third Bank - different name, same legacy. Fifth Third is proud to carry on Perry Hannah's legacy of growing business and building community in Traverse City.

Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home - Peg Jonkhoff, Vice President
It is a privilege to join the sponsors of this special tribute to Perry Hannah's visionary and consequent philanthropic efforts. I applaud and appreciate contemporary use of our predecessors gifts of land and buildings especially Mr. Hannah's. It is an honor to care for and preserve his former retirement home that now provides a sacred place of comfort for the bereaved of our community.

The Minervini Group, LLC - Ray Minervini, Managing Member
Like most people living here today, I followed some big footsteps to Traverse City. We live in a thriving community because of the path cleared by one man above all others. And personally, my life's biggest project begins with the vision, leadership and achievements of that man: Perry Hannah. Hannah almost single-handedly brought the Northern Michigan Asylum to Traverse City along with the thousands of jobs it created. This in turn transformed the region from a small lumber town to a beautiful city on the bay. It is my honor to be the steward of part of Hannah's legacy by preserving and re-purposing the Traverse City State Hospital into a thriving community of homes and businesses for new generations. I am very proud to help support this tribute to Perry Hannah.

Perry Hannah